Medical Genealogy

How about helping your doctor follow you and keep track of your family medical history?

A new branch of family genealogy, Medical Genealogy is an actual modern health tool that revolves around three goals:

  • To inform – so that you and your family get access to the full health history to be found in your ancestors' medical past;
  • To communicate – so that this data is passed on to future generations as well as to healthcare practitioners who follow you;
  • To protect – so the onset of pathologies may be diagnosed as early as possible - whether in old age or even before your child is born - and so they can be addressed as quickly as possible.

Available (with no time limit) on your dedicated web space and sent to your doctors by your genealogist, your medical genealogy lists all hereditary diseases and carrier family members, down to you and your children. While research is under way, an access to your dedicated and secure space allows you to follow in real time any progress made by your genealogist.