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KLR's motto , “ Your story, our momentum is not just an empty phrase: we love challenges and go through a wealth of resources to find the missing link "A blind alley is the place for my best inspirations." (Milan Kundera, Laughable loves).



KLR's motto , “ Your story, our momentumis not an empty phrase: we love challenges and go through a wealth of resources to locate the file of an abandoned childanaturalization judgmenta medical filea land recordthe place of origin of an ancestora emigrated ancestor, a location of a gravea military recordor to tackle any other difficulty preventing you from moving further in your research.

48€ Package - Up to one hour of research.


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  1. H.W

    My Review for you to use:

    I first contacted Sandrine by email to ask her to conduct research on my 2x great grandfather. I live in the USA, and wanted to find a qualified genealogist in France to conduct the research. Sandrine was quick to respond, asking a few simple questions, and later agreeing to do the research. She provided an estimate, and a contract. She emailed progress reports, and documents to me as she got them.
    Soon after, the pandemic closed many of the archives. Sandrine was diligent and persistent and did complete the research under very difficult circumstances.
    I highly recommend her services.

    HLF Pennsylvania USA

    Be safe, and God bless


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