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Some answers on your ancestors' medical history :

  • To inform – so that you and your family get access to the full health history to be found in your ancestors' medical past;
  • To communicate – so that this data is passed down to future generations as well as to healthcare practitioners who follow you;
  • To protect – so the onset of pathologies may be diagnosed as early as possible - whether in old age or even before your child is born - and so they can be addressed as quickly as possible.

Genealogy is an actual modern "health tool" which allows all concerned family members to protect themselves against diseases that could affect them, and thus limit their effects, facilitate care, and free you from a significant emotional toll.

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Available (with no time limit) on your dedicated web space and sent to your doctors by your genealogist, the Medical Genealogy report lists all hereditary diseases and carrier family members all the way down to you and your children. While research is under way, an access to your dedicated and secure space allows you to follow in real time any progress made by your genealogist.

Help your doctor follow you and keep track of your family medical history:

  • Dates of birth,
  • Wedding dates,
  • Dates of death,
  • Known and listed diseases,
  • Medical sources discovered and studied for each carrier family member - Hospital archives, medical archives, etc.
  • Individual carriers,
  • Descendants requiring a medical follow-up,
  • A research report on your family genealogy: paternal and maternal ancestry in a graphical format, your descendants in a graphical format, a textual description of the various generations, a family tree, a description of places where your ancestors lived, dating table of events, index of individuals,
  • A Medical Genealogy research report for your doctors: a list of pathologies, medical sources, a list of carriers and their status.

The genealogist is subject to means, not to results. Any purchased research cannot assure the purchaser that the research can be completed within the timeframe chosen by the purchaser, and may be subject to a renewal of purchase upon approval by the latter.


Marine LECLERCQ BERNARD Généalogistes familiale | KLR Généalogistes Associés

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