The "Preliminary Research" offer


You wish to carry out a medical genealogical research but, considering how specific these archives are, you doubt the research will succeed. The purchase of one hour of “Preliminary Research” provides:

Based on the information in your possession, consulting medical records, existing from the 17th century, some accessible until 1970 and yet poorly known, is a solution.



How do we conduct this type of research?

Once your purchase is completed, your dedicated genealogist will contact you to collect all the information in your possession.

Access to medical files is only granted to the descendants of the ancestor to be studied, therefore we’ll need you to provide a power of attorney.

Records available for a medical file research may span from 1600 to 1970. Current legislation may limit searches on documents issued after the 1960s, in which case KLR advises you to speak with our genealogists before completing any such purchase on our website.

How much will it cost?

The limit is set by the package you have chosen.

How long will it take?

Depending on what can be achieved KLR Généalogiste Associés will make every effort to provide results within the shortest possible time period.

What type of results?

The results will be sent to you by voie email, with a research report including the documents you are looking for.

Genealogists are subject to their "best efforts" obligation but cannot guarantee that satisfactory results will be achieved.The purchase of a research package cannot ensure the purchaser that the research can be carried out within the timeframe chosen by the purchaser; the purchase of an additional package may be necessary, upon approval by the purchaser.



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